About Us

Rishihood University International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ventures

RUIJESV is an international, peer-reviewed journal produced by the School of Entrepreneurship, Rishihood University, Sonipat, Haryana, India. The primary objective is to promote and enhance research in the area of Entrepreneurship while playing a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, fostering innovation, and facilitating collaboration among various stakeholders, both globally and at the country level, thereby contributing to the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The international focus of the journal ensures a diverse range of perspectives and experiences from different regions, providing stakeholders with cross-cultural insights into the entrepreneurship practices. Entrepreneurs, policy makers, and industry professionals can help provide insights to the world at large for exploring their country as a destination for further entrepreneurial activities.

The journal can facilitate global collaboration by serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, fostering international partnerships, and promoting a shared understanding of entrepreneurship on a global scale. It can offer insights into global best practices while also addressing specific challenges and opportunities unique to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

RUIJESV will feature case studies, success stories, and analyses that can serve as a source of inspiration and learning for entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Entrepreneurs and practitioners will benefit from the latest research and case studies, gaining insights into successful strategies, potential pitfalls, and lessons learned by other startups globally. The journal will provide a platform for sharing best practices, which can be adapted and applied by entrepreneurs to enhance the growth and sustainability of their ventures. Articles and papers published in the journal can also be utilized as educational resources, enriching entrepreneurship curricula and providing students with real-world insights.

Details of RUIJESV

  • Starting year of Publication : 2023
  • Periodicity of its Publication : Bi Annual
  • Subject : Management
  • Language : English
  • Format of Publication : Print
  • RNI No. : HARENG/2023/85341
  • ISSN: 2584-119X

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti Dutta


Dear Esteemed Readers and Contributors,

I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural and subsequent issues of Rishihood University International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ventures. As the Founding Editor, it brings me immense pleasure to witness the realization of a vision that seeks to create a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the heartbeat of innovation, economic development, and societal progress. In launching this journal, our mission is to foster a global dialogue that transcends borders, connecting scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and industry leaders in a collaborative effort to advance the understanding and practice of entrepreneurship.

Our journal is committed to providing a scholarly space that encompasses a diverse range of topics within the entrepreneurship and startup venture domain. From the exploration of emerging trends and the analysis of disruptive technologies to the examination of social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices, our journal aims to be a beacon for cutting-edge research and insightful perspectives.

As we embark on this scholarly journey, I invite researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders from around the world to contribute their expertise, experiences, and research findings. Together, let us build a repository of knowledge that not only advances the field of entrepreneurship but also inspires and guides the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the editorial board, reviewers, and contributors who have played a crucial role in the development of this journal. Your commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our success.

I look forward to the exciting discoveries, discussions, and collaborations that will unfold within the pages of the International Journal on Entrepreneurship and Startup Ventures.